Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 14, 2012

PS Move Horror Game – Until Dawn Announced

When you watch a horror movie, there always seems to be a consistent pattern. It starts off by a couple or group heading off to a secluded area where they’re not supposed to be with a happy-go-lucky feel to them. Then they start to have sexy times, and a horrific incident happens. Maybe one of them dies, or they discover the mangled body of some poor creature with a note written in blood. Either way, you know that you’ll be scared from here on out, and probably still be frightened when you sleep that night.

It’s looking like the PS Move is getting a teen horror game that follows this general pattern, and it will be called Until Dawn. The story follows a group of friends who are visiting the site where their friends disappeared a year ago. From the trailer (watch the video below), it looks like they are just about to start up some sexcapades, and low and behold, something scary crops up.

You will utilize the PS Move controller as you would if you were actually in the situation yourself. It will be your light in dark places, or when using inanimate objects in the game. This game will be available sometime next year for PS3. While it looks generic on the outside, it may end up being rather enjoyable once you get into it. Time tells all, right?


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