Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 8, 2012

Skylanders Adventure Case Will Hold All The Things

If you’ve fallen prey to the Skylanders madness, you likely have a hefty collection of toys now. There is nothing wrong with this whatsoever, and no, you are not becoming a hoarder. However, moving all of your Skylanders to and fro can be an absolute nightmare.

Unless you have a carrying case for them that is. Sure, you could toss them all into a messenger bag, but some of them may bend or break, and that is no bueno. This is why the Skylanders Adventure Case would be quite handy to have around.

This thing can store all 32 Skylanders, and has a zip-out gaming mat with designated spots for your 8 elemental Skylanders you main with, and the Portal of Power. In addition to holding all of your Skylanders, it also has a storage slot for the Portal of Power and a shoulder strap. This officially licensed product will cost you about $30, and is probably only amazing if you are a fanatic about the game.

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