Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Aug 1, 2012

SOE Launches Bullet Run, A Free-To-Play FPS

There are quite a few free-to-play shooters out there, and now, there’s a new one on the block. SOE’s latest FPS Bullet Run has just launched, and features completely free play. Naturally, you’ll have the option to pay for a subscription, in addition to purchasing upgrades.

By purchasing a $15 per month subscription you’ll get exclusive Taunts, a 25% credit boost, a 10% boost for your entire group (which stacks with your existing 25%) and a 10% discount on items in the marketplace. Your weapons will also take less damage over time, meaning that you don’t need to repair them quite as often.

Aside from these things, you can go ahead and download the game and start playing, free of charge. Sure, it’ll take a bit longer to acquire funds, but you can still have a good time. And if you do want to earn some extra credits, then the option is there to shell out a bit of cash for a subscription.


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