Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Aug 9, 2012

SOEmote Will Let You Become Your Character In Everquest II

When you play an MMO, you get sort of attached to your character. They represent you in an online world to thousands of other players. However, they don’t always portray you in the way you want them to. Just using chat to speak to your friends through the game, or even using something like Skype or vent to communicate still sets a kind of barrier as it’s not face to face communication.

While we can’t literally put ourselves in the game, putting your voice and facial expressions in would definitely bring a new level to whatever it is your playing. If you happen to be a lover of Everquest II, and own a webcam, this is now a reality. It’s called SOEmote, and it will input your voice and facial movements into the game for all to see and hear.

All you will need is a webcam, a microphone, and the SOEmote will do the rest. There is also a function that will let you see the faces of all of your party members so you can see them while they’re speaking. You can control your characters face and voice, which seems really awesome. However, there seem to be mixed reviews about this new feature on the forums.

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