Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 22, 2012

SolForge Kickstarter Updated, Full Game Demo And New Reward Tier Unveiled

I’ve been keeping a close eye on SolForge, the new digital card game from Gary Games. I had the great pleasure of demoing the game at Gen Con last weekend. The developers rolled out a special deal with the Kickstarter page where you’d get a bonus starter deck from the faction of your choice by backing at the $25 level. That promotion is still going on, though the Kickstarter has been updated once again.

This time we get to see a full-on demo for those who couldn’t make it out to Gen Con. The demo is run by Richard Garfield himself along with John Fiorillo, and it was recorded straight from the Gen Con floor. In the video you can see exactly how the game plays out, which will no doubt clear some confusion for those who don’t know how the game will play out. You can see the demo video below.

A brand new $60 digital rewards tier has been introduced to help sweeten the pot. The reward will grab you:

  • Access to the beta
  • Kickstarter-only avatar
  • Five booster packs
  • Starter deck for your faction
  • Digital art book
  • Entry to the Kickstarter-only tournament
  • $60 worth of in-store credit

It’s a great tier, especially if you’re looking to keep things digital. You get your money’s worth in store credit, so you can spend that right away when the game goes live. Right now the Kickstarter page is a little over halfway to funded and there’s 19 days to go. Let’s get on this and make it happen players.

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