Posted by Raine Hutchens on Aug 7, 2012

SolForge – New Kickstarter Updates and Screenshots

Gary Games is working with Bryan Kibler in his wonderful white living room in between passing around the Cheetos and doing lots of film work for their new game SolForge. Just recently the group revealed a Kickstarter page that finally detailed what SolForge is, and what we should expect with the game. In just under a week the project has raised over $70,000 of its $250,000 goal, and provided this climb continues, they’ll have it funded well before the deadline. That makes me a happy gamer.

The development team just updated the Kickstarter page for the third time since its reveal, announcing lots of great new stuff. They’ve posted some sweet screenshots from the game that you can see above, as well as some new rewards tiers that have been tailored to fit different types of gamers. Here’s a breakdown of each new tier:

  • I Don’t Want Your Darn Shirt – $115

 This tier is for backers who aren’t interested in picking up physical items. This tier won’t get you a shirt, instead you’ll grab an additional $20 in-game credit. This makes the reward tier total $120 in-game credit, a Starter Deck, Digital Art Book, and a Promo Card.


  • Friends and Family Plan – $200

 We all know that games are much more fun with friends, so this package was created just for that reason. This package gets you everything that the $100 backer package offers, only twice! This way you and a friend can become super SolForge best friend buddies forever! Buying this package will also get you a special SolForge Recruiter avatar in the game to show off just how awesome you are. This tier includes $100 in-game credit, a SolForge T-Shirt, a Starter Deck, Digital Art Book, and a Promo Card. Remember, that’s for each of you!

Those two new rewards tiers are both great. If you’re looking to play the game with a friend the Friends and Family Plan tier is just for you. It could be split right down the middle and each of you can share the friendliness that is SolForge. After all, it’s the SolForge that warms us all up inside, right?

Gary Games has also revealed that they’ve filmed a walkthrough of the SolForge prototype, but they haven’t yet edited the video. As soon as that gets done and the Kickstarter updates again, we’ll be sure to have it here! Now get on over the Kickstarter and back SolForge. If you have already, do it again!

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