Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 13, 2012

Blade & Soul Announcement Trailer Shows Off Deadly Moves

If there’s one thing that NCsoft is good at it would be making MMOs. They’ve just surpassed $2 million in sales from Guild Wars 2 and they’re already on their way to having another great title under their belt. With all this success, is it slowing them down at all? Absolutely not, and we’ve the video to prove it.

The developer has been at work with another MMO, this one they’re calling Blade & Soul. The game follows a martial arts style and a fast-paced approach to gameplay. The art style reminds me a lot of the time period of the Jade Dynasty in China, though Ncsoft has made sure to put their spin on things. Though the game has been in production for a while, we’re finally getting to see some arranged gameplay and footage.

The combat looks quick and furious, and there are plenty of gorgeous women to look at. After all, that’s what we want in MMOs nowadays, right? Seriously though, Blade & Soul looks like it will be a game I could get into. NCsoft has released an official announcement trailer for the game that you can see below. Make sure you soak up all the karate you can. More details on the game will be coming soon.


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