Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 13, 2012

Fantasy Flight Details The First Six Data Packs For Android: Netrunner

This year at Gen Con I was severely disappointed when the game I went there to get sold out in the first ten minutes of the dealer’s hall being open on the first day. It was really bittersweet because that meant that the game is good, but I couldn’t have a copy for myself. I licked my wounds and still had an amazing time at the con, but I left without the game I longed for. Eventually my local game store (whom I love greatly) was able to snag a copy and label it just for me. Needless to say I was riddled with happiness and excitement when I picked it up.

Adding to the good vibes from grabbing the game is news from Fantasy Flight Games. They’ve just announced the first cycle of Data Packs for the game which will help expand the cards that players can use for their decks. The Data Packs each introduce sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards as that’s the maximum number a player can have of one card in his/her deck) that will definitely offer an edge during gameplay. These packs come from a set called Genesis Cycle and will build upon the strength of the game’s Core Set.

In the Genesis Cycle we’ll see new faction identity cards, ice, icebreakers, and agendas. These agendas will make the Corporations much more flexible as we’ll be getting new faction-specific and neutral agenda cards. Corp players will have much more control over their strategies with these and using the new ice introduced into the set they’ll be much harder to hit.

That doesn’t mean runners will be left out, however. They’ll be getting new hardware, icebreakers, and other programs to help them sabotage the Corporation’s plans. A host of new resources will come available to reward runners for their time spent in the gritty underworld. The new contacts gained from underworld deals will help runners gain credits as well as help accelerate card drawing. That will definitely help against Jinteki attacks.

Fantasy Flight hasn’t announced the release date for the packs just yet, which is curling me with anticipation. I’ll be definitely jumping into Netrunner as soon as possible, and I know I’ll be placing an order when they do come available.


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