Posted by Marianne Miller on Sep 6, 2012

New Gameplay Trailer Released For The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us, easily one of the most anticipated games of 2013, has finally released the gameplay footage featured at E3 earlier this year.  The trailer, 15 minutes in length, features the game’s protagonists navigating through  flooded and long-abandoned hotel.  Fans of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted game will not be a stranger to many of the mechanics featured in this trailer, though The Last Of Us is decidedly more tense than its predecessor.  Joel and Ellie use objects and boost each other up to get to higher platforms or to grab items necessary to continue, and soon run into thugs, showcasing the game’s stealth and combat aspects.

The Last Of Us, lacking in any music throughout the trailer, has a distinctly different feel from Uncharted–combat can be carried out with a revolver, but to showcase the variety of combat and makeshift weapons, you can see Joel attacking people with beer bottles, bricks, and lead pipes, each murder more intimate and brutal than the last, whereas Uncharted encouraged firefights with automatic weapons.  Two rotted corpses are found in a bathtub of their own blood–presumably after killing themselves to avoid interaction with the infected.  Each murder portrayed in the trailer leaves a lasting impact, punctuated by the screams and grunts of Joel and his victim.

Like Uncharted, The Last Of Us will be exclusively on the PS3.  No final release date has been set, but with what we’ve been shown, it’s going to be difficult to wait.

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