Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 20, 2012

Privateer Press Opens The Gate On Game Releases

It’s a big week for Privateer Press, the company responsible for the Warmachine and Hordes miniatures game. They’ve just announced their releases for this week, and boy is there a lot to be excited about. The company has released three big titles, which are all projects that have seen a lot of care over the past years. These projects are the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Role Playing Game: Core Rules, LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE], and Hordes Two-Player Battle Box.

Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy Role Playing Game: Core Rules takes players back to Privateer Press’ roleplaying roots. Players are put into the world in which Warmachine and Hordes are set. They can create characters and traverse the landscape in search of power and glory, running right alongside their favorite characters from either game. The core rulebook debuted at Gen Con this year, but was in such high demand that it sold out immediately on day one. The book contains everything necessary to get playing in the RPG as well as detailed fluff on the history and cultures of the Iron Kingdoms.

Perhaps my favorite title to release this week, aside from the Iron Kingdoms book mentioned above, is the new LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] science fiction survival-horror board game. It’s the first in a series of games that will explore the macabre world of LEVEL 7 created by Matthew D. Wilson. Players can either work together or against each other to escape the horrorscape of LEVEL 7. They’ll need to fight to survive against the human – and inhuman – denizens of this creepy facility.

The third title on the release table is the Hordes Two-Player Battle Box. If you’re familiar with Warmachine, you’ll know of the two-player box that released for it not too long ago. Now Hordes has their own two-player starter that will encourage new players to jump into the game. Inside the box you’ll get a rulebook, an introduction guide, dice, a ruler, and 20 plastic miniatures from the Legion of Everblight and Circle Orboros factions. It’s everything you need to start raging!

It’s definitely been a great week for Privateer Press so far. I’m looking forward to grabbing LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] and if I can I’ll pick up the Iron Kingdoms book as well. You can never have too many games, right?


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