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Review – Darksiders II: Argul’s Tomb DLC (Xbox 360)

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The first set of downloadable content for Darksiders II has released and it’s called Argul’s Tomb. In the DLC Death finds himself summoned by Ostagoth, the goatman merchant who he meets in the main campaign. Through the merchant Death learns the fate of the Deposed King (a storyline character you meet in the main campaign). Ostagoth explains that the Bone King held immense power, and the merchant wants Death to seize it. “You trade words like I trade coin: you give little and take much,” Ostagoth says to Death. He then explains that he wants the Rider to trek through the king’s tombs in order to bring items back for him.

Argul’s Tomb functions as a higher-level dungeon that’s meant for players who have gotten near the end or completed the game’s main storyline. In the DLC you’ll travel to a location that’s not on the main world map, and it’s a place you’ve never before seen. It’s a short mini campaign composed of three parts: a shooting section, and two other dungeons that are more puzzle-based.

The first shooting level is pretty cut-and-dry. You’ll be facing iced-over versions of the regular enemies you have faced through the main game. In this area Death will traverse through some caverns while wielding a large weapon that shoots exploding spikes (much like the one in the first game, though this one is smaller and much quicker). It’s as simple as move forward, shoot dudes, make the bolts explode, wash, rinse, and repeat. You basically follow that pattern through to the end where you face off against a few waves of undead guards and giant bone dudes. The path wasn’t exactly boring, but it wasn’t something that left any lingering sense of accomplishment either.

The second part was a breath of fresh air. This dungeon focuses more on puzzles, forcing you to find keys, unlock doors, and battle waves of ice skeletons. You’ll need to make use of your acquired tools in a lot of these puzzles, so if you’ve not made it far through the main story you’ll be stuck until you grab certain items. The puzzles aren’t too difficult, and again if you’ve made it pretty far through the main campaign you’ll find them to be a breeze. The final dungeon follows much the same pattern as the second, only there’s more of everything when in comparison.

One thing that’s for certain with Argul’s Tomb is that there’s plenty of loot to be had. You’ll find chests in much more significant quantities than anywhere else in the game. As you tear through your enemies and wipe out the handful of bosses there will be tons of loot drops to acquire, and hidden chests are sprinkled in all over. Once you’ve made it through all three sections you’re gifted with the legendary item for completion, which I won’t spoil here.

Depending on what level you are at the time, Argul’s Tomb may be worth the run just for the loot you’ll find. There are plenty of purple items, and some possessed items lay in hiding through the dungeons. I’d say it’s worth it when you’re around levels 15-20, but if you’re outside of that range you may be wasting your time.

Argul’s Tomb is a short experience, and it’ll only take you about two hours to complete the whole piece of content. It’s priced at 560 Microsoft Points (which is around $7) and I feel that’s a bit much. I’d like to see it priced for 400 Microsoft Points as it feels a better price if you’re paying for it. For those who pre-ordered the game you’ll be able to grab it for free and in that case it’s a nice deal. If you’re looking to kill some time and add a bit to your side-questing, the DLC may be a good choice for you. If you’re looking for a dungeon experience to compliment your main campaign however, it could hold some disappointment for you.

The Good

  • lots of loot
  • plenty of enemies for cannon fodder/EXP

The Bad

  • overpriced if you didn’t pre-order the main game and receive it for free
  • short
  • could be a waste of time if you’re too high or low of a level
  • if you’re early in the game you won’t have all the tools needed to complete the DLC

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