Posted by Marianne Miller on Sep 19, 2012

Rovio Announces Bad Piggies For Portable Market

The developers of Angry Birds have just recently released a trailer for their newest game, Bad Piggies.  The game is a spin-off of Angry Birds and will instead feature the beaten-down swines from the game everyone has grown to love and adore (or hate and swear at, if you are as good at it as I am).

The trailer features the gameplay, which has a similar look and feel to Angry Birds’ projectile physics puzzles, but takes on a new twist–the Piggies must build crazy-looking vehicles using a variety of objects using your help to traverse different locations and reach a goal point.  Why these Piggies couldn’t use these same machines to get out of their glass and wooden houses in the last game is beyond me.  The Piggies could not be reached for comment.

Expect this game out for the iOS, Android, PC and Mac on September 27th, just 8 short days away.  The video of the gameplay can be found at the source link below.


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