Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 7, 2012

SolForge Is Officially Funded, Kibler Adds To Celebration

It’s Friday and it’s a great day for two reasons: first, the SolForge Kickstarter project has officially been funded, and second, it’s Brian Kibler’s birthday! That’s right, the entire campaign for the amazing digital trading card game has been funded. In fact, the amount of funding received has gone over the goal by $10,000. This is a great way to start off the weekend.

An update hit the Kickstarter page yesterday and it was obvious Kibler was behind it. For those who don’t know, Brian Kibler is a world-renowned Magic: The Gathering player. He hopped onboard the SolForge project to help craft a game he’s been looking to play for a long time. He posted on the page that today is his birthday and in efforts to add to the celebration he’s tossed in two new reward tiers to the project.

The first new tier is an odd one, coming in at the $32 level. Of course that number reflects Kibler’s age as of today, so he wanted to make it special. Backers at this level will get a special birthday avatar, a coupon for a free SolForge draft when they go live, and all of the previous rewards from the lower tiers. The second tier reflects the year of Kibler’s birth, showing up at the $1980 level. Backers who contribute this much will get everything in the lower tiers plus free SolForge drafts for life! The first draft of each day will be paid for by SolForge.

The guys from the project team will be holding a live Q&A session on Kibler’s Twitch feed today from 1-3PM PST (4-6PM EST). They’ll be answering all your SolForge questions and accepting birthday wishes. I’m very excited to wake up to this news this morning and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game. Now that it’s funded it’s only a matter of time before we can jump right in!

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