Posted by Raine Hutchens on Sep 5, 2012

SolForge Kickstarter Update 13: One Week Left, Faction Overview

There’s just one week left for the SolForge Kickstarter campaign. SolForge is a digital card game created by the team at Gary Games along with Richard Garfield – the godfather of Magic: The Gathering. The Kickstarter has reached the 200k mark of its 250k goal, and it’s fast approaching its end.

That being said the project page has been updated yet again, this time with a faction overview. In SolForge there are different factions vying for control in the scarred world. You’ve got the Tempys (elementals), Alloyin (mechanical), Nekrium (death), and Uterra (nature). Each faction has different strengths and weaknesses and plays out in their own way. A lot of players requested more information on each faction and the team definitely delivered with this new Kickstarter update.

Here’s some information on each faction:


  • Larger than the other races due to their elemental and giant-kin bodies, and develop elemental traits that reflect their chosen elements. The Tempys use the power of the elements to help aid them in combat.
  • Direct Damage – The Tempys wield lightning, fire, and ice to deal with their foes. Devastating spells deal damage to the opponent and his minions.
  • Big Creatures – Giant elementals and barbarians wielding the power of the elements hit the front for this faction.
  • Movement – The element of wind and flying dragons allow this faction to move all over the board, making combat tough for opponents.


  • The most visible and numerous of the factions. Rules and polices the high-tech capital city. Alloyin are master artificers, engineers, and technomancers. They resemble humans with metallic traits and they are always in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Leveling Up – The Alloyin are able to advance their technologies faster than other factions. They can upgrade cards to give their deck more high-ranking cards that are more powerful.
  • Card Drawing – The pursuit of knowledge allows the Allyin more options than their opponents. They have a lot of abilities that let the player draw cards from their deck to find exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Upgrading – The Alloyin make use of their technological superiority to gain the most from upgrading their gadgets and contraptions.


  • Exceptionally skilled at arms and the natural immunity to cold, the Nekrium are tolerated among the other races. Their faction breeds powerful warriors and spellcasters with more than a lifetime of training.
  • Creature Destruction – Controlling death, the Nekrium have the ability to lay waste to any creature that crosses their path.
  • Recurring Creatures – Death is certainly not the end for the Nekrium. When creatures die they have quite the habit of not staying dead.
  • Death Effects – If Nekrium forces wish not to rejoin the fighting ranks they’ll leave a lingering presence behind. A lot of effects are triggered when Nekrium units leave the battlefield.


  • The Uterra live in underground ecosystems created by magic. The most diverse of the factions, the Uterra is a society of anthropomorphic creatures that work with various beasts, fey, and subterranean powers that lurk beneath the city above.
  • Growth – The Uterra harness the natural powers of growth, making them well-suited to loom over their opponents. They can create immense beasts that will destroy all in their path.
  • Healing – Uterra healing magic makes removal an issue for opponents. Some of the creatures can regenerate heath each turn, making them a tough nut to crack.
  • Swarms – Creatures born in Uterran environments multiply quickly. You’ll see the Uterra put this feature to their advantage to overwhelm opponents with creatures during battle.

So far I think I’ll be going with the Nekrium as my main faction. If you’ve backed the Kickstarter at the $25 tier you’ll be able to pick up a starter deck for the faction of your choice when the game releases. I’m anxious to jump into the game and I want to see it funded before the deadline. Make sure you tell your friends so we can make this a reality as soon as possible!

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