Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 12, 2012

Sony Increasing Online Game Save Storage For PS Plus Members

Back ten or fifteen years 150 MB’s would be quite a bit of memory. After all, most hard drives could only store a few GB’s of data on them, and a lot of games would be less than 150 MB’s in memory anyway. However, times have changed since then, and PlayStation Plus’s 150 MB’s of cloud data available for saves is a bit puny, to put it lightly.

Luckily Sony has also realized the same thing, and is doing something to change it. Starting with the PS3 4.25 firmware update your game save data limit is being increased to 1 GB. That gives you over 6 times as much storage space as you had before!

At this time there is no release date yet for the firmware, though I can’t imagine it being too much longer. After all, why tease this sort of information if it’s not going to come out for, say, another month? Now all Sony needs to do is hurry up and put the PS Plus out on the Vita!


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