Posted by Chuck Corbin on Sep 10, 2012

Sony Working With Bethesda To Try To Get Skryim DLC Working With PS3

When Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC first came out for the Xbox 360, many PS3 owners were miffed at the fact that the PS3 version wouldn’t be coming out for at least a month because of an exclusivity deal Bethesda has with Microsoft. When the month-long exclusivity came and went, that little bit of irritation started turning hostile, as the PC version of Dawnguard was released but there was still no word of when it would come out for the PS3. The hostility became pure anger when Bethesda released Hearthfire for the Xbox 360 despite the fact Dawnguard had yet to come to the PS3. Many PS3 owners have started to despair, saying that Bethesda is passing them over altogether.

Luckily, there’s a little bit of a silver lining to all of this. According to Sony VP Adam Boyes, Sony has been working with Bethesda in order to try to get it work right. “We have a big, broad dev support team that works closely with Bethesda—and with all of our partners—to work with them to solve that any sort of issues they have along the way.”

Of course, you should keep in mind that the PS3 isn’t exactly an easy console to develop for, thanks in part to its Cell processor which is markedly different from the 360’s Xenon tri-core processor. The Xenon tri-core has quite a bit more in common with normal, everyday PC CPU’s, making the task of developing DLC for the PC and 360 relatively easy. I can only hope that Sony can help Bethesda get the DLC ready soon, because at this point it’s getting maddening to be a Skyrim PS3 fan!


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