Posted by Marianne Miller on Sep 21, 2012

The Internet’s Favorite Horror Icon Is Getting His Game Remade

The internet is no stranger to Slenderman.  What started as a photoshop contest on the Something Awful forums has now morphed into a full-fledged horror icon, after its initial popularization by webseries like Marble Hornets followed by a mass hysteria over a game created and released by a man named Mark Hadley that was simply named “Slender.”  It was a simple game with little goal or payoff–your character is stumbling through the woods with a flashlight, trying to find eight pages featuring drawings inspired by the series Marble Hornets before being overtaken by Slenderman.

Now “Slender” (renamed: Slender: The Eight Pages) is getting a remake, called “Slender: Arrival.”  The game is being jointly developed by Hadley’s studio, Parsec Productions, and Blue Isle Studios.  The statement on the Slender: Arrival website hinted at multiple levels, as well as an actual storyline, and the two screenshots that have been released on the game’s website already show a vast improvement in the game’s environment, as well as lighting, coloring, and the possible depth of the game world

The game will be exclusive to the PC, though no word on how distribution will be handled or when it will be released–whether online, through disk sales, or download services like Steam.  Now all that’s left is waiting with bated breath for the game to launch.



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