Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 9, 2012

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Skill Tree Released!

So you’ve been playing through Borderlands 2 and you’ve played through all the different classes. Sure, you love having the turrets of the Commando, and the Siren’s Phaselock is pretty cool as well, but now you’re ready for something else. Luckily, you pre-ordered Borderlands 2, and so when the Mechromancer comes out on October 16th you can start playing it immediately.

The three skill trees are “Best Friends Forever”, “Little Big Trouble”, and “Ordered Chaos”. The Best Friends Forever skill tree is about buffing your health and defense, and should be geared more to the defensively minded player. Its ultimate ability is that you give Deathtrap a copy of your shield, meaning he’ll be able to withstand even more damage. With Little Big Trouble it’s all about elemental buffs and other elemental damage. It’s ultimate ability is that when you shoot Deathtrap with an elemental weapon he’ll be charged with that element, causing additional elemental melee damage.

In my opinion, the Ordered Chaos skill tree is the most interesting skill tree. In that skill tree it’s all about throwing as many bullets out there as possible thanks to “Anarchy”, a mechanic that gives you bonus gun damage at the cost of accuracy for every stack of Anarchy you have. All in all, you become a gun-toting maniac, just filling the air full of lead and, well, causing chaos with your every move. You can get out the skill tree here and try out some combinations for yourself! Don’t forget, if you pre-ordered Borderlands 2 you’ll get this character for free, but for everybody else you’ll have to pay $10 for her.

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