Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Oct 26, 2012

Elise The Spider Queen Is Now Available

If you love playing League of Legends, you probably have a few favorite champs that you main. Of course, there are always new ones just around the corner, and one of them has released today.

You’ll now be able to play as Elise, the Spider Queen. Seems pretty fitting what with Halloween coming up and all. She has the ability to change between human and spider form, and controls a little army of spiderlings. She is a ranged mage and assassin/fighter who will likely have a good nerfing in a week or two. She can spring over walls and catch up to enemies in no time flat.

Watch the video below for her abilities. The first skin you’ll be able to get for her is the Death Blossom Elise, and it costs 1462 RP at the moment to get the bundle for her and the skin(will be going up to 1950 Nov. 4th). I pity any and all females who try and cosplay this one (look at her feet).


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