Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 11, 2012

Free Resident Evil 6 DLC Coming Soon

Alright, so you and a buddy are making your way through Resident Evil 6 in the co-op mode. You’ve beaten the Jake, Chris, and Leon arcs, and you’re just getting ready to start the Ada Wong arc when you realize that it’s single player only! That’s a bit of a let down, isn’t it?

Well luckily Capcom is going to fix that soon enough with some DLC. In an upcoming title update not only will you be able to play Ada’s campaign at any point during the game, but you’ll also be able to play it with a buddy. So far, nothing is known about her partner.

The other big thing that’s going to come with the update will be another difficulty mode known only as “No Hope”. Other than being “super hard” not much else is known about it. Unfortunately at this point it’s also unknown about when exactly this update will be coming out, though it shouldn’t be too long.


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