Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 3, 2012

Honor System In League Of Legends Is Now Live

One of the problems with games like League of Legends is that while there’s a system set up to deal with griefers, there’s nothing in place to publicly reward a player for good player. After all, you might get somebody on your team who’s a real nice person, who really makes you game (as well as your day), and besides a simple “Thank you” there’s no way to tell the world that that person is awesome. Luckily Riot Games announced last month the Honor system, which allows players to bestow honor onto another worthy player.

That system is now live! At the end of a game you can bestow honor onto fellow gamers in one of four different categories, either for being helpful in teaching you different ins and outs of the game, for being incredibly friendly and being a pleasure to play with, for showing great teamwork skills, and there’s even a category for honorable opponents. To give them honor, all you need to do is click the thumbs up button next to their name at the end and choose one of those four categories.

Of course, with a system like this there’s always room for abuse, but it appears that Riot has already thought about that. You see, you’ll only be able to give and receive honor in matchmade games, meaning you can’t just make some custom match with all your buddies and give them all honor. Riot also said that you can run out of honor, as it’s based on the number of games you play. However, if you play a lot of games that shouldn’t be a big deal.

At this time, there’s nothing you can do with the honor you receive, though Riot is talking about possibly giving some bonuses to exceptionally honorable summoners in the future. But look at it this way, since honor is public to everyone, if you start a game with somebody who has a nice, high honor score you can probably bet that he’s going to be a good teammate. And honestly, isn’t that the best reward of all, knowing that you’ll be playing with somebody who isn’t out to make your game hell?


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