Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 15, 2012

Magicka: Dungeons & Daemons DLC Available Now

If you own a PC and Steam, then there’s no logical reason in this world for why you shouldn’t own Magicka. It’s an adventure game about wizards, robes, magic, and monsters. The game is terribly addictive, and did I mention that you can even have a machine gun as a wizard? This game has everything.

There’s already plenty of DLC for the game, and often does the game go on-sale via Steam with all available DLC for it. That hasn’t stopped Paradox Interactive from going all-out with the game and giving it even more care. Because of their devotion we’ve got a brand new set of DLC that’s released for the game. This pack is called Dungeons & Daemons, and with a name like that you know it’s going to rock.

In Dungeons & Daemons you’ll be exploring a dark dungeon filled with creepy monsters. There will be new obstacles for you to overcome as well as a super-secret hard mode which Paradox let the surprise out on. The DLC is available now for $3.99, and it has accompanied a large update that’s hit the main game. There will also be a livestream of the new content over on Paradox’s TwitchTV channel around 2 PM Eastern Time and you won’t want to miss it. Make sure you grab your copy of the DLC and start your new dungeon crawl.

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