Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 23, 2012

Microsoft Adds 250GB System To Xbox Subscription Offers

A little while ago Microsoft introduced a subscription-based purchase system for the new Xbox 360 consoles. Players could grab a 4GB system with the Kinect together for just $99, and they’d be automatically rolled into a bundle with an Xbox Live membership via a subscription for 2 years at $14.99 per month. All together this evened out to be around $460 after all is said and done. That’s not too bad, considering that the console alone in a bundle like that runs about $250, so you’re getting the same equipment with a 2-year subscription for a lower price when compared to the system and the subscription bundled afterwards. The only catch is that you have to sign up for those two years instead of just one.

Microsoft seems to have had some success with this offer, and because of that they’ve changed things up a bit. They’ve decided to offer two new bundles alongside the original, this time upping the stakes. You can still get the 4GB system with Kinect for $99, though now you can also grab a 250GB with the Kinect as well for $150. If you’re in the market for a new system but don’t want the Kinect, Microsoft has a new plan for you too. The second offer ditches the Kinect in favor of a larger hard drive, which means you can pick up a 250GB system for $99 as well.

The new 250GB offer looks very tempting, though the only issue I’d see is getting the subscription for that 2-year span. The longest I’ve maintained a subscription is a full year, and I bought it at a discounted price. I mean, the new systems have built-in wifi so that’s pretty neat. The bundle would be great if you plan to watch Netflix or play the system exclusively, but anything outside of that wouldn’t be worth the money I feel. Considering I’ve an older system, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea for an upgrade. I could access my account from both systems, and put them in different rooms. With the holiday season coming up, it’s definitely something to consider.


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