Posted by Raine Hutchens on Oct 4, 2012

New Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game Coming From Cryptozoic

During the winter months later this year a new deck building game will be releasing from Cryptozoic Entertainment. This new game will be themed from The Lord of the Rings series, and it’ll even be named after it too. It’ll be called The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Deck Building Game. That’s a mouthful, wouldn’t you agree?

The game’s premise is that of the original tale. Players take on the role of Frodo, Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn, or another brave ally in the struggle against the dark forces of Sauron. The game’s mechanics are pretty simple as players will start out with basic combat maneuvers, and as they progress they’ll be able to pick up and add new, more powerful cards to their decks. As you trudge through Middle Earth on your way to Mount Doom, strategy will become important in building a powerful deck to battle the many evil inhabitants of Mordor.

From what I can assume the game would play off of an A.I. deck that’s essentially Mount Doom. It reminds me of the Resident Evil Deck Building Game in that players will be “exploring” the A.I. deck and defeating enemies that are revealed. I’m not sure on how scoring will go, but if it’s working the way I think, players will earn points for defeating enemies. The player with the most points when Sauron is revealed and defeated wins. Again, this is only my assumption and we’ll need to wait for more details to see exactly what’s official with the game.

This new game follows the line of the Lord of the Rings-themed titles being released from Cryptozoic. I’m in no way complaining, as I’m a huge fan of the films and story. I’ll definitely be snatching this up, and it would make a great Christmas present.


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