Posted by Chuck Corbin on Oct 12, 2012

Sony Announces Details On God Of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition

Are you ready for some more God of War? Are you the kind of person who has to get the absolute ultimate experience in God of War? Well it looks like you’re in luck, as Sony has announced the details of the Collector’s Edition of God of War: Ascension!

In the Collector’s Edition you’ll get the game (of course) though it will be in a Steelbook case, the soundtrack, a multiplayer double XP unlock, a pass for some DLC in the future, and a PS3 Dynamic Theme and PSN Avatar pack. The coolest thing in the edition, however, is the Kratos statue that comes with it, which will surely look good on your desk. The Collector’s Edition will run you about $80.

That’s not the only thing Sony announced! If you preorder any version of the game you’ll get the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer pack as a bonus. The four characters they have in the pack are Perseus, Orion, Achilles, and Odysseus. I have to say, that’s a pretty decent preorder bonus, and I love the fact that it doesn’t matter where you preorder it from: it’s the same bonus no matter where you go! God of War: Ascension will be available March 12th, 2013.


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