Posted by Chuck Corbin on Nov 15, 2012

Certain Long-Term Xbox Live Members Getting Free 10 Year Anniversary Xbox 360’s!

Today is a special day for Xbox Live! Ten years ago the service was officially created, and since then its grown in leaps and bounds. And let’s face it, 10 years is a long time, so what do you think Microsoft has planned for this anniversary?

Well, truth is, we’re not entirely sure, but according to different reports we do know that Microsoft is seeing fit to reward their long time members. Of course, Microsoft could cheap out and send a plaque or certificate saying “Thanks for spending all your money, chump!” but that’s not what they’re doing. Instead, they’re sending out special 10th year Anniversary editions of the Xbox 360.

Not much is really known about why exactly Microsoft is sending out these special 360’s. Maybe they figured that these players had to buy 2 or 3 360’s because of Red Ring issues? No matter the reason why they’re giving away free Xbox 360’s, you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool!


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