Posted by Marianne Miller on Nov 28, 2012

Slumberdrunk Gaming Presents: Slender

The Slumberdrunk Gamer (thaaaaaaaaaaaat’s me!) is back, this time playing the internet’s current favorite horror game: Slender.  While not actually playing it myself, I commentate as my husband plays, wandering through the forest to collect cryptic pages while avoiding getting his face eaten by the Slenderman.

The game, by Parsec Productions, has a remake to be released sometime in the future, and is currently only for PC.

Watch the first part below, or check out the Slumberdrunk Gaming channel for more videos!

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Written by Marianne Miller

Marianne Miller

A Southern California native, Marianne Miller is a voice actress residing in Los Angeles. She has three cats, a chubby British husband, and a lot of opinions. Marianne has been gaming since the SNES and hopes to continue her passionate affair with video games for as long as possible. You can follow her on Twitter or like her on Facebook.

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