Posted by Raine Hutchens on Nov 1, 2012

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures and Android Netrunner Game Night Kits Now Available

If you’re a tabletop gamer and frequent your local scene then you’ve most likely found out that your local game store is no stranger to running tournaments or game nights for different types of games. Friday Night Magic is usually a regular, and in my town Sundays are always dedicated to miniatures games. Fantasy Flight Games really gets behind these sort of events and is doing what they can to encourage more organized play for their games.

If you’re a fan of the X-Wing Miniatures game then this news is for you. Fantasy Flight has just released their official Game Night Kits for the X-Wing game and local game stores can order them through the B2B store. These kits will help standardize organized play nights for the game, and include some pretty cool stuff.

Each Game Night Kit includes:

  • One game poster
  • One league play instruction sheet
  • Eight double-sided coversized ship cards
  • Two custom, acrylic range rulers (one Imperial and one Rebel)

With these kits shops can set up leagues and hold mini tournaments to their liking. The league sheet keeps track of pilots and other information in a leaderboard style which makes it easy to get into league games. Organizers will keep track of the Imperial and Rebel forces and once the battles have concluded participants receive rewards.

The company also released a Game Night Kit for Android: Netrunner, and it’s nearly the same. Organized play will see players playing both the Runner and Corp, using their constructed decks against one another. Once each round is concluded in an organized play night, organizers will record the score and prizes will be given out accordingly.

Included in the Netrunner Game Night Kit:

  • One promotional poster
  • Two demo posters to identify play areas for new players (one Corp, one Runner)
  • Eight sets of seven faction-themed deck dividers
  • Two sets of seven custom, faction-themed, acrylic tokens
  • One high-quality playmat

If you’re a fan of either one of these games, you can do your part to spread the word of the Game Night Kits to your local game store. You can also volunteer to become an organizer and help get games off the ground! The more participation there is, the more Fantasy Flight will offer as rewards and prizes! Get your game on and have some fun!



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