Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 19, 2012

Fans Angry With War Z’s Apparently Misleading Steam Description, Hammerpoint Responds

The War Z, a survival/horror MMO developed by Hammerpoint Interactive, hasn’t exactly had a great start. Many gamers have been accusing the company for not delivering a product that matches the product description. In fact, one Redditor took the product page from Steam and essentially refuted most of the claims that Hammerpoint has made, such as a lack of private servers, a smaller-than-expected map, and the fact that there is no skill system in the game. The game seems to be a broken mess to lots of people.

Of course, Hammerpoint is offering up a defense, claiming that over 93% of people actually like the game, and that the people complaining online are just a very vocal minority. Now, I’m not exactly a smart man, but if I were in charge of a company I wouldn’t be going around sweeping allegations like this under the rug, which is what the developer seems to be doing. With that being said, however, they have gone ahead and changed the Steam product page, removing references to skills, and making the claim that “soon” you’ll be able to create private servers.

Of course, just updating the product page isn’t going to save the game. No, if War Z wants to do well then Hammerpoint needs to make it a priority to get the game up to snuff. Otherwise, what’s likely to happen is that people are going to flock to games like Day Z, which is a free ARMA II mod that’s set to have its own standalone game sometime in the future. Of course, even if War Z is updated and brought up to the level that the fans were promised, it might already be too late.


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