Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 14, 2012

Game Guides Being Added To Steam Beta!

Back in the day, before you had high speed internet that was always on if you were stuck on a game you were pretty much forced to buy a game guide. Sometimes they were good, telling you exactly what you needed to do, but sometimes the guide would turn out to have missing or even completely incorrect information. Eventually, however, community strategy guides came to the forefront, thanks to sites like GameFAQs.com, where in an instant you could find a guide to a game for free, created by the fans themselves.

Now it looks like Valve is getting in on the game guide “industry”, with a brand new feature, called simply Game Guides. At this point, it’s only in the beta release, but it does exactly what you think it does. By clicking on the tab while in the Game Hub you’ll be able to access guides that other people have uploaded.

If you happen to be a master at a game and want to help other people with it, you can create a guide yourself! Through Steam you’ll be able to upload and insert different images, and even use screenshots that you’ve stored through the Steam cloud for the guide! You can also add videos as well, and what’s more there’s even an option to add friends to the rough guide and get them to help you out, meaning that you can make the creation of a guide a true collaborative effort!


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