Posted by Raine Hutchens on Dec 10, 2012

Microsoft Working To Fix Issues With Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack

The Crimson Map pack just released for Halo 4, and while some players are already enjoying the new battlegrounds upon which to reign supreme, some are dealing with frustrations caused by the pack itself. Apparently some of the players who are trying to download the map pack through the game’s Season Pass feature are experiencing problems with getting it to download.

The issue is that the system, Xbox Live, is telling these players they need to pay 800 Microsoft Points to download the Crimson Map pack, although it’s free as part of the Season Pass. The download is only 529 MB, so it’s not that huge.

Microsoft is looking into the situation and they’re working hard to find a fix to get players into the new maps as quickly as possible. “We are aware of the issue and actively engaged looking for a fix to get you into the fight! Thanks for your patience,” reads a post by the company. To anyone who is experiencing this issue who is a Season Pass holder, just be patient and make sure you don’t end up paying twice for the content.


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