Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Dec 14, 2012

Mini-Review – Adult Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Oh, Minecraft. You take hours of our time, and we only want to give you more in return. By more, I mean we want to buy everything related to you that we possibly can. There are Steve heads, torches, and all sorts of goodies floating around, but how many of them have functional purposes?

It seems as though a Minecraft Creeper Hoodie has appeared, and thankfully, it didn’t bomb the office. First off, I didn’t trust the sizing, but was extremely surprised to find out how big they are. Typically, I wear a medium or a large for hoodies, and I was wary about going smaller, but this thing was huge! If you have any interest in getting one of these, don’t go by what you think your size normally is, check the chart.

The pattern is super awesome, and it doesn’t have that plastic-y feel that a logo or design would normally have on fabric. Thickness-wise, I would say this is better suited for Fall weather as it is warm, but isn’t going to keep out a blizzard. It zips up with a very official looking metal Minecraft zipper, and there is a small patch of a dirt block on a black background sewn in.

It does zip up all the way so that you can have a creeper face, but I never had success with getting the eye holes in the right place. Half of my vision was always blocked by the green fabric in the middle. The black material is quite similar to what you would find on basketball shorts, and was easy to see through, but smooshed into my face if I was sporting glasses. It should be noted that this thing has a weird horn when it’s fulled zipped. You can’t see it that well in frontal photos, but you will kind of look like a rhinoceros creeper.

Overall, these are pretty cool hoodies. It will give you plenty of geeky goodness to spread around, keep you taster, and you won’t have to worry about getting a size that is too tiny (unless you do it on purpose). The only downside is that it costs around $100. While this is really awesome, it is a bit on the expensive side as far as novelty clothing goes. You can find this sweet Minecraft apparel here.

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