Posted by Marianne Miller on Dec 12, 2012

Steam Adds An Auction House


In what is undoubtedly another crippling move to gamers’ wallets, Steam launched a new platform called the Steam Community Market, which will basically act as an auction house for in-game items that players can buy and sell using their Steam Wallet cash.  While they do have plans to expand, currently the Market is still in a glorified beta mode and only has Team Fortress 2 items available on it.

The following announcement was made on the Team Fortress website regarding the Steam Community Market:

As part of our ongoing efforts to gradually phase out all Earth money in favor of Team Fortress hats, we’re kicking off the TF2-only beta of our new Steam Community Market! The Market should improve trading in every way: People looking for specific items will be able to locate them faster, folks looking to sell items will find the process a lot more efficient, and best of all, we’ve made it easier for everybody to translate playing TF2 into buying games on Steam.

At the moment, only one-time consumable items are up for sale, and each transaction is subject to fees.  The FAQs mention a fair amount of limitations on auctions (for example, the maximum price an item can sell for is $200, and the maximum amount of transactions one can have in a calendar year is 200), so gamers interested in knowing more about the Steam Community Market should definitely check them out here before going all-in.

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