Posted by Chuck Corbin on Dec 4, 2012

Steam Big Picture Mode Out Of Beta With Latest Steam Update

Many people, myself included, think of PCs as being the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to gaming. After all, you can customize your systems however you want to, and with programs like Steam you can have literally hundreds of games on your hard drive, with no disc swapping required. Really, the only problem with the PC is that it isn’t exactly friendly to play with on a TV while you’re sitting on your couch using a controller instead of the good ol’ mouse and keyboard. Steam’s Big Picture mode is set to change all that, by making Steam more user-friendly towards people using controllers.

And now, Big Picture mode is out of beta! The next time you start Steam it’ll be updated with the new mode available for use. Steam is even celebrating this new mode by having a sale on controller-friendly games until December 10th, with savings of up to 75%! That includes games like the Left 4 Dead series, Magicka, and yes, Train Simulator 2013 even!

The update didn’t just add Big Picture support. Steam now has support for multiple installation locations across different hard drives! Just go into the settings and under the Downloads tab you’ll be able to specify a new installation folder that you can use to install your games, while keeping all of your previous installations in the other location. This is the perfect feature for somebody like me, who has one hard drive that’s about to fill up but a perfectly empty drive that needs a little attention.


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