Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 2, 2013

Get 3 Months Of Xbox Live Gold And 800 MS Points For $13 [Deal of the Day]

Now that you’ve gotten yourself a shiny new Xbox 360, or maybe just some new games that you’re wanting to play online, you’re going to need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. This is necessary for things like playing multiplayer games online with friends, and watching things like Netflix. So where’s the best deal on a subscription? Well for today, it’s Best Buy.

Currently, you can buy a 3-month Gold subscription card for a mere $13. That’s just a hair under half price. Of course, if you traditionally buy a year subscription, then you’re only really saving a few bucks. However, the deal gets sweeter.

When you add the card to your cart, you’ll have a little surprise waiting for you. It’s a promo code for 800 Microsoft Points. That’s about $10 worth of credit to use on the Xbox Live store. So basically, you’re buying the 800 points, and getting a 3-month subscription for $3. Not too shabby.


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