Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 10, 2013

Half Life 2 Limited Edition Gravity Gun – It’s No Half Life 3, But We’ll Take It

The good people at N.E.C.A. seem to have a penchant for finding ways to make us want to throw money at them. We recently saw a pretty sweet working replica of the Skyhook from Bioshock Infinite. Now, it looks like they’re tackling a big beauty from Half Life 2.

This Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (gravity gun, or ZPEFM) is a screen-accurate, 1:1 model. It’s almost two feet long, and has glowing orange LEDs. There are two triggers, two handles, 4 different sound effects, and a folding kickstand that will let you turn this into a mantlepiece.

You’ll need 3 “C” batteries to keep this running, which of course, are not included. Sadly, just like the Skyhook, this doesn’t have the capabilities of its twin in the game. So just to clarify, you’re not going to have a working gravity gun, in case you thought you might. This is going to run about $150, will be available in April, and there’s only going to be one run of them. If you get one, consider yourself lucky. I’m linking to Thinkgeek because that is a site I love and use, but there are other retailers available on this NECA page.

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