Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 9, 2013

Indie Royale Replay Bundle Is On The Loose!

Have you ever discovered an Indie Royale bundle that had an amazing game? Of course you have, but the problem is whether or not it’s actually still up for sale. If you’ve missed that chance time and time again, now is your time to shine.

The Replay Bundle is comprised of some of the greatest hits from previous bundles. This means that a bunch of the games that you might have wanted before will all be in one place. The list of titles include Nuclear Dawn, Defense Grid: The Awakening (with DLC), Gemini Rue, Soulcaster(very fun if I do say so myself), and Soulcaster II.

Currently, the going rate for this package is only $5.53. As you know, tossing in $8 will get you everything listed, as well as the soundtracks for the Soulcaster games, a remix version, Borderlands DLC, Resurgence map packs 1-4, You Monster DLC, and an album with lots of snazzy music. If you don’t know about the games that were listed, check out the video below! You only have around five days left to get in on this.

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