Posted by Caitlyn Muncy on Jan 2, 2013

Pikmin 3 Is Sticking To Its Roots So Says Miyamoto

What is it about a game that makes you enjoy it? You can ask a huge span of gamers and get a variety of answers. There’s the type of game, graphics, music, the storyline, setting, and the list goes on and on. What if you’re playing a game that has two different predecessors?

Pikmin 1 and 2 were similar, but also vastly different. The stress levels in two were lessened to make the experience more “enjoyable” for players. However, it seems that that was a decision Miyamoto had not whole-heartedly agreed with from what he said to GameMaster:

“Our main aim in Pikmin 2 was to get rid of any stress as much as possible, so that it would be very user-friendly. Well, I myself couldn’t agree with that direction perfectly. That kind of nature of Pikmin 1 was exactly what I wanted to reproduce and I was actually intentionally doing so, so that Pikmin 1 could be a strategic game.”

It seems that Pikmin 3 will be sticking to its roots in the first Pikmin. While that may mean more stress, that might be a reason for the game to be more fun. Time limits and a need for quick strategy will put your skills to the test. However, that isn’t going to work for everyone. What’s your take on it?


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