Posted by Chuck Corbin on Jan 11, 2013

SkiFree Skis Its Way To iOS

In those days before high-speed always-on internet it was found that some of the best games of those days were often free. Many people, for example, loved the game Chex Quest, which came free in boxes of Chex cereal and was actually just a modded version of Doom. There was another game out there, however, that I got for free during the late 90’s: SkiFree.

It’s a pretty simple game, you just start skiing with your gear which included a safety helmet like this one on sale www.altitude-sports.com/collections/gear-helmets-ski-snowboard, where you go through a free-style, slalom, or tree slalom course. You have to avoid the other skiers and obstacles in your way, and it was a pretty good diversion for awhile. At least, it was until you start running from your life as the abominable snow monster comes after you and eats you whole!

If you miss those days, of leisurely skiing while simultaneously dreading the moment you see that monster chasing after you, you’ll be glad to know that the game is now available on iOS. That means for 99 cents you can take SkiFree with you wherever you go! Of course, if you’d rather not pay the 99 cents, you can always go to the creators page here and play it for free!

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