Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jan 25, 2013

Team Solo Mebdi Members Banned Before League Of Legends EU Qualifier

When you’re in school, one of the lessons they try to teach you is good sportsmanship. Little things like not taunting your opponents, and the post-game handshakes seem like pretty normal things, right? Well, when you take your game online, those ideas seem to go out the window. But as it turns out, there are still consequences to acting unsportsmanlike, as members of Team Solo Mebdi found out.

When there’s a big tournament coming up, the last thing a team wants to hear is that one of their members has been disqualified. Unfortunately due to what Riot calls “toxic behavior,” two members of this team have been banned from not just competing in the upcoming EU Qualifier, but from the game entirely. One member was just ruled as ineligible to compete in the LCS this season. These players are Khaled Abusagr / StunnedandSlayed, Nicolaj Jensen / Veigodx, and Simon Näslund / Rayt3ch.

So what exactly qualifies as “toxic behavior”? Well, to give you an idea, StunnedandSlayed was reported in 18% of the matches he played, while Rayt3ch was reported in 20% of his matches. That’s right, he was so bad that in one out of every five matches he played, someone felt the need to report him. Here’s a little snippet of things that these three players were reported for:

  • Has publicly and unapologetically admitted to engaging in a series of DDOS attacks against high-Elo players
  • In game chat, Abusagr has threatened to physically injure players, including a Riot employee.
  • His previous accounts are replete with a very large number of racist and anti-Semitic insults

None of these players are even first-time offenders. All three have had accounts permanently banned. In fact, StunnedandSlayed once had an account named DarkwinJax, which Riot states “established the highest harassment score ever recorded on the EU West server. No player, before or since, has matched this degree of negative behavior.”

Who feels sorry for these guys? Not me. It’s just a game, and if you’re going to be a professional, you should act a little more mature. Sure, some people might cite pro athletes as not being the most professional at times. However, these people don’t generally end up in matches at the local Y, trash-talking local Joe’s and threatening to physically harm them. Games are supposed to be fun, don’t sink to this level.


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