Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Feb 15, 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Compared To Last Year’s Demo

To say that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been a disaster would be a grave understatement. Metacritic currently has the game sitting at a 42/100, with user scores at just 3.8/10. What’s interesting is that one of the biggest complaints seems to be that the game simply doesn’t live up to what was shown in the demos.

The guys over at CVG decided to track down the exact scenes from the demo that was released last October, and capture footage from the same areas in the game. The difference is staggering.

Just looking at the overall quality, it almost appears as though an entirely different game is being played. But looks aren’t everything. Even the AI appears to have been dumbed down considerably. The obvious answer to all of this is that the demo released last year was likely pre-rendered, and not necessarily in-game footage. This would account for things like the smoothness of the character controls, and the fact that they never bothered to look down the sights even once during the playthrough. Either way, I think that fans that bought the game based on that demo have a good reason to be upset.



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