Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 11, 2013

EA’s Origin Now Available For Mac

When it comes to gaming the Mac hasn’t exactly been relevant for a good long while. That all started changing a few years ago, however, when Valve announced that Steam would become available for Macs. Apparently putting Steam on the Mac has worked out well for Valve, because EA is getting in on the action now!

Last week EA announced that Origin is now available for the Mac. There are over 50 games available, including Dragon Age 2, Arkham City GOTY edition, and The Sims 3. What’s more, dual-platform play is available, meaning that when you buy the game once it’ll be available for both the PC and the Mac, which let’s be honest, that just makes sense, right?

In part because of the launch, and because of the 13 year anniversary of the release of The Sims, EA is having a “Simtastic” 13th Anniversary Sale. The Sims 3 and most of its expansions are on sale for 50% off, with some titles going as low as 10 bucks. The sale only lasts until the 13th, however, so now might be a good time to take advantage of a pretty good sale!


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