Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 13, 2013

PS Vita Could Be Getting A Redesign [Rumor]

The Vita, as you may know, hasn’t exactly been a huge seller. It’s been out for a year now, but whether because of a weak market, high prices, or any number of other problems, the system just isn’t selling. Despite that little problem, however, it’s looking like Sony is going to release a new version of the beleaguered handheld, if this patent application is to be believed.

According to the patent that was published February 8th, the new Vita seems to be getting some more ports to it. Included on the underside of the console will be an HDMI, a USB, and even a different power connector. However, it’s very possible that this Vita in this patent application may not hit the shelves.

According to a source for Kotaku, the patent may be for the devkit model of the Vita. With that being said, Sony is having a large even on February 20th where it’s assumed that the next PlayStation will be announced. If I had to guess, if the Vita is getting a redesign it’s probably so that it might work more closely with that next PlayStation.


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