Posted by Chuck Corbin on Feb 28, 2013

The War Z Is Now Available For Purchase On Steam… Again…

Late last year Hammerpoint Interactive released The War Z, and simply put it was a disaster. After failing to deliver on many of its promises and also placing an emphasis on microtransactions (despite its claim as being a “single purchase” game), the fans were in an uproar, and they were demanding satisfaction. Valve even pulled the game from Steam, and offered refunds to customers who bought the game!

Now, over 2 months later,The War Z is now available for purchase again on Steam. According to Valve, both Valve and Hammerpoint Interactive worked together to “address community feedback”, and the game should now be at a satisfactory level. For those people who have the game already, there was a patch released that should help take care of many of the issues people were having with the game.

Of course, assuming that the game is now perfect Hammerpoint Interactive is going to have a helluva time selling people on this game. After all, from essentially claiming that the people who complained were whiners, to the fact that at one point the game’s trademark was suspended there’s a lot of negative publicity out there to combat. We’ll just have to see how the community reacts to The War Z‘s reemergence.


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