Posted by Zac MacDonald on Apr 24, 2013

Blizzard Is Really Bad At StarCraft Tournaments

Blizzard’s Tournament, WCS, has been plagued with problems. For those not in the know, WCS is a giant StarCraft tournament, or rather trio of tournaments open worldwide, more or less based in NA, EU, and Asia. Each tournament is open to anyone in the world, but you can only enter one. Total Biscuit has a very in-depth video detailing all of the problems so far with the North American tourney, but for those of you who don’t want to spend 30 minutes listening to his sexy accent, I’ll break it down for you. Ready? Let’sa go!


  • Open Tournament: MLG opened up the tourney for anyone to join, and with a limited number of spots, rookies and non serious players quickly filled up valuable spots that could have been taken by people with a better chance at winning.
  • Double Registration: A gamer managed to register for both the Asian and North American tournament, and made it quite a few rounds into the qualifiers, knocking out several decent players, before getting disqualified. A similar thing happened with another player, so double jeopardy.
  • Map Hacking: A player, who was supposedly hacking was disqualified after taking out several high-tier players.

Aside from all of these problems, Blizzard’s sluggish response to everything and their lack of organization and support for the tournament altogether just seemed to exacerbate everything. I can’t say I’m personally a huge fan of StarCraft, or RTS games that aren’t Brütal Legend, but I do find it fascinating when something so huge gets handled so poorly. Let us know what you think in the comments, what could Blizzard done better to prevent these kinds of problems from happening?

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