Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 11, 2013

Cheetah Speed Returns To SimCity, Mac Version To Be Released This Summer

When SimCity was released and things went quickly FUBAR, one of the things Maxis did to help improve server stability was to disable some “non-critical” features. One of those features that temporarily got the axe was the fastest speed available in the game, Cheetah Speed, which meant that you were forced to go at a slower speed. Since then, however, Maxis has finally been able to get the servers to be stable enough to start re-enabling those features again, which includes Cheetah Speed.

Besides the return of Cheetah speed, Maxis also announced that they are working on the 2.0 update. At this time there is no other information on what the 2.0 update will contain. All Maxis has said is to “stay tuned for more info.”

The last major bit of information that Maxis announced was that the Mac version of SimCity will be coming out on June 11th. PC players who wish to get the Mac version will not have to shell out the $60 for the game. That’s because they can access both the PC and Mac versions through Origin at no extra cost.


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