Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 29, 2013

First Footage Of Lobo In Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC Has Appeared!

If there’s one character that I always wanted to see more of in the Superman cartoon from the mid-90’s, it would have to be Lobo. After all, he was a badass space alien who blew up his own planet in a science fair gone awry, and not only did he not care, but he thought it was pretty awesome. That’s why I’m glad to see he’s in Injustice: Gods Among Us (though I’m perhaps a little miffed that he’s in there as paid DLC…).

As you can see from there, he is indeed a bit of a badass. From the various ranged chain attacks, to the shotgun in the face, and don’t get me started on the bike! And hell, the guy has an attitude that would make your grandmother faint, or if she were cool, to want to beat him into submission even more.

With the Lobo DLC trailer, you might have noticed that Batman was sporting some new threads as well. That was his Flashpoint Universe uniform, though it’s not based off of Batman, but rather his father, Thomas Wayne. Right now, the Lobo DLC will be coming out on May 7th, and if I had to guess the Batman costume will be available on the same day as well.


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