Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 30, 2013

Nintendo Is Now Offering Refurbished Units Through Its Online Store

You know, sometimes getting a brand new hand-held console is just a bit too pricey, even for the otherwise cheap 3DS or DSi XL. Of course, you can always go and buy one from a pawnshop or GameStop, but how do you know if they’re any good? Sure, it might work when you boot it up in the store, but what happens if you go home and have it break on you a month later? Generally, you’d be screwed!

If you want to buy a Nintendo handheld system, but not at the full price, then you’ll be glad to know that Nintendo is now selling authentic refurbished products for a pretty good discounts. DSi XL’s are going for $100, and 3DS’s are going for $130. Considering how a 3DS goes for about $170, that’s a pretty decent discount.

And if you’re worried about the systems breaking on you after only a few months, don’t worry. Nintendo is giving each console its standard one year warranty. Keep in mind though that while the consoles are guaranteed to be fully functional, there may be some minor cosmetic blemished. For 40 bucks off the price though, I think I can live with a scratch or two.


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