Posted by Zac MacDonald on Apr 22, 2013

Reminder: A Hat In Time Is (Still) On Steam Greenlight

What’s this crazy game about hats and time and whatnot? Why, the aptly named “A Hat In Time”, of course. This seemingly Wind Waker inspired action-adventure-platformer-puzzler title, developed by Jonas Kaerlev, otherwise known as Mecha The Slag, is up on Steam Greenlight for approval, and you should totally go vote for it because I said so.

Due out late in 2013, this game is slated for PC and Mac release, with several rumors of it making its way to consoles via XBLA, PSN, and eShop(?). And I, personally, am friggin’ excited for this game, and will likely buy it on every available platform (save for Mac as I do not own one and probably never will).

Inspired by titles such as Banjo Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, DK64, and whta I’m going to assume is pretty much Rare’s entire library, you will help Hat Kid make her way through 5 Chapters of puzzles, platforming, and power packed punch-outs. As of this moment not a whole lot is known about the plot, aside from the fact that there’s a girl with a moustache, named Moustache Girl, who is causing all sorts of trouble, and it’s up to a girl with a hat, named Hat Kid to travel through time and solve mysteries and fix the wrongs done by Moustache Girl.

What I especially love about this game is the simple absurdity of everything that’s going on, mixed with the stylistic graphics and all around quirkiness, it really is a nice break-away from the gritty realism everyone’s going for these days. I personally think we should be seeing more titles like this, what do you think?




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