Posted by Chuck Corbin on Apr 4, 2013

Sega Admits That Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailers Were Misleading.

To say that the game Aliens: Colonial Marines was bad is a bit of an understatement. The game was poor all around, from numerous bugs, to bad AI, unbalanced game play, sub par graphics, and a crudely designed multiplayer co-op mode. The worst part, though, was the fact that trailers for the game that had came out last year made it look awesome.

One player was particularly incensed by the misleading trailers, and contacted the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK about it. The response that he got back from the agency told him that Sega Europe did acknowledge that what was represented in the trailer did not “accurately reflect the final content of the game.” The letter goes on to say that the company has agreed to add a disclaimer on their website and their YouTube videos that explains that “the trailers depict footage of the demo versions of the games.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that response. While it’s technically true that what’s in those trailers is from a demo version of the game, it appears to me that Sega Europe is using the disclaimers as a cop-out for taking actual responsibility for the shoddiness of the “finished” product. I can’t imagine that this “masterful” PR move will work out very well for the company.


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